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I have created this website to share photographs I've taken at various times and locations, the results of projects on which I've worked, and maybe to occasionally write about the experience and knowledge gained through these activities.  I figure there isn't much point to acquiring knowledge if you aren't going to share it with others.  The majority of the projects described are software development projects, many of which were performed as part of my undergraduate and graduate studies in Computer Science, along with a few personal projects performed independently.  If you do any software development work, hopefully these will interest you.  Enjoy!

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Fixing a Flip UltraHD that won't charge its battery

About a year ago I received a Flip UltraHD 2nd Generation camcorder (the one with the rechargeable battery) as a gift.  I made little use of it at first, and it wasn't until I took it with me on a trip to New Zealand at the end of the summer that the battery fully discharged for the first time.  I connected the camcorder to my laptop to allow it to recharge, but the display showed the "Connected" screen instead of the "Charging" screen and the red charge indicator light never came on.  My Flip wasn't charging its battery. Read more about Fixing a Flip UltraHD that won't charge its battery


CrisisCamp DC: A Retrospective

Responding to the earthquake that devastated Haiti in January 2010, the CrisisCommons group organized CrisisCamps at locations across the globe.  Among these locations was Washington, DC, the area where I currently reside. Read more about CrisisCamp DC: A Retrospective


You've got mail-ware!

Early Wednesday morning I received three nearly identical e-mails.  Each had the appearance of SPAM, but not your typical SPAM.  In place of the usual advertisement composed of bad spelling and poor grammar was a well written message crafted to look like an invoice and accompanied by an HTML attachment.  Inspecting the contents of the attachments revealed that each contained identical JavaScript code, which was clearly malicious.  The JavaScript had an appearance similar to that of obfuscated shellcode, with a string of hex values being unescaped and written to the HTML document: Read more about You've got mail-ware!


About Me

My name is Dustin Graves.  I am a Software Engineer living in the Boulder, CO area.  I have both a BS and a MS in Computer Science from The George Washington University, classes of '99 and '08.  My main focus has been Computer Graphics, although I am also interested in embedded systems and parallel programming.  Recently I have taken interest in programming languages, especially domain specific programming languages. Read more about About Me

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This site includes the end results of projects I've done for school, independent learning, or fun along with photographs of places I've lived and been.

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