Qt cross-platform application and UI framework

Qt Notes: Managing QStackedWidget with Qt Designer

While working on my iTunes remote control software, which uses the Qt cross-platform application and UI framework, I found the need to change the contents of a UI form based on system state.  QStackedWidget seemed like the perfect tool for the job, but there was one slight problem; it couldn't be fully managed with Qt Designer.


Qt Notes: Working with QSslSocket

The Qt cross-platform application and UI framework provides a great deal of functionality to explore.  After working with it off and on for the past two years I am still finding new and useful features to include in my projects.  Recently I have had the opportunity to work with the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) support, and have put together some notes to group some key documentation points together and to clarify a few points from the documentation that I found to be unclear.  

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