OpenEXR 1.0.4 for Windows Patches

NOTE: These patches were made for the initial OpenEXR release (v 1.0.4), which did not provide support for the Microsoft Windows operating system. The official OpenEXR distribution now supports Microsoft Windows, making these patches unnecessary. The current OpenEXR distribution can be obtained here.

Patches to add support for Visual Studio 6 and Intel Compiler 5.0 to OpenEXR 1.0.4.




DialTones 1.0

DialTones is an Android application for dialing landlines with an Android device.  It does so by generating dual-tone multi-frequency (DTMF) signals for phone numbers found in the device's contact list.

DialTones is open-source software made available with the MIT License and is copyright (c) 2010 Dustin Graves.


New Software: DialTones app for Android

The DialTones Android application for dialing landlines with an Android device has been added to the site.  Source code for the application and an Android Package file that can be installed on an Android device are available.  Find out more here.



libcdlyte 1.0.0

libcdlyte is a fork of version 0.99.4 of the libcdaudio portable C library for playing audio CDs and retrieving CD information from CDDB compatible services such as freedb.  It was developed for use with the fxcd portable CD player application.  Modifications applied after the fork include:


Updated Software: fxcalc, fxcd, and libcdlyte

New versions of the fxcalc and fxcd applications have been released.  Both have been upgraded to use the latest stable release of the FOX GUI Toolkit, version 1.6.40.  Support for the Windows operating system has also been added with the fxcd update, which is accompanied by an official release of the libcdlyte cross platform C library for playing CDs.


Bundling GPS Tracks and Geographically Located Photos in KML

Recently I described my effort to add GPS data recorded during a road trip and a canoe trip to Google Maps.  I had written some JavaScript to import my data into a map, with a few options for customization, but felt that there was more that could be done with the data from the canoe trip.  I had a number of photographs from the trip and a desire to map them, along with the GPS data, at the positions at which they were taken.  Although the photographs did not contain any meta-data providing the GPS coordinates for the location at which they were taken, they did contain meta-data indicating the time at which they were taken.  Since I had a GPX file full of time associated geographic positions, I decided to fuse the two together.  


Putting GPS Tracks into Google Maps

After watching a recent episode of Hak5, which showcased Google Maps GPS Mashups, I was inspired to finally do something with some of my own GPS data.  I had GPS data from a canoe trip taken last year and a road trip from a few years ago stored on my handheld GPS with which I had always planned to do something, but just hadn’t had the motivation until now.  While a little simpler than the project described on the show, my initial goal was to draw the GPS track data in Google Maps annotated with waypoints drawn as map markers.  The markers would be used to mark specific locations with descriptive text and images. 



waverecord 0.1 - A Reliable Audio Archiving Utility

waverecord version 0.1, Copyright © 2001 Dustin Graves <>
waverecord comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. 



waverecord is a simple command line application for Microsoft Windows, designed to reliably record audio data over extended periods of time. Current features:



mamfox 0.9.2 - FOX plug-in for MAM/VRS

mamfox version 0.9.2, Copyright © 2000 Dustin Graves <>
mamfox comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. This is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it under certain conditions; see the GNU LGPL for details.

MAM/VRS is no longer under development. It is now the VRS 3D project.



MediSen 1.0.1 - Windows 2000 Media Sensing Manager

MediSen version 1.0.1, Copyright © 2001 Dustin Graves <>
MediSen comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. This is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it under certain conditions; see the GNU GPL for details.



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