Updated Software: fxcalc, fxcd, and libcdlyte

New versions of the fxcalc and fxcd applications have been released.  Both have been upgraded to use the latest stable release of the FOX GUI Toolkit, version 1.6.40.  Support for the Windows operating system has also been added with the fxcd update, which is accompanied by an official release of the libcdlyte cross platform C library for playing CDs.  libcdlyte is a fork of libcdaudio version 0.99.4, with the following modifications:

  • Added support for Microsoft Windows
  • Basic rewrite of the CDDB code, adding full support for data submission through both SMTP and HTTP
  • Changes to internal memory management (no more fixed size arrays for CD info; may address this bug)
  • Removed (defunct) CDindex support and CD changer support
  • General bug fixes, code reorganization, and simplification
  • Addition of test applications to exercise the CD player and CDDB capability (including SMTP and HTTP emulators for testing CDDB submission support)

According to the commit logs, the majority of the fxcd and libcdlyte work was done in 2001, 2002, and 2004.  Development for this release was mostly completed in 2004, with testing and some polishing being the only things needed for the release.  Before that was done I went to grad school and the project went on a multi-year hiatus.  I am making the release now, not because I believe that there is much interest in CD playing software, but to get a sense of closure from completing the project.  

The new releases can be found here: