CSCI 164 - Senior Design


Senior Design is a year long course that I took as a senior undergraduate at The George Washington University during the Fall 1998 semester (as CSCI 163) and the Spring 1999 semester. The first semester focused on the design of a software "product," requiring a proposal, preliminary design review (PDR), critical design review (CDR), and final design review (FDR). The second semester focused on implementation and testing of the product and completed with a final presentation. The Power Point file used for the presentation, along with a zip file containing the executables used for the demonstration, are currently available for download.


The project that I designed for Senior Design, the Internet Conferencing System, is an application for remote collaborative meetings with shared whiteboard, chat, and file exchange capability. The demo contains the ICS server, two clients, and some files for sharing. The clients must be run from separate directories because each client creates a mailbox file with a fixed name. The GUI for the client was created using wxWidgets which, at the time, was called wxWindows (this is before I discovered FOX!).

Final Presentation: FinalPres.ppt (228kb)

Demonstration software: (597kb


Screen Shots

ICS Client Window ICS User Dialog
Internet Conferencing System Client Window and Users Dialog Box


ICS File Exchange Window

Internet Conferencing System Mail/File Exchange Window