CSCI 185 - Computer Graphics I


Computer Graphics I is a course that I took as a senior undergraduate at The George Washington University during the Fall 1998 semester. The course focused on the design of software for 3D rendering. The Java programming language was used to implement simple graphics applications to perform 3D transformations and projections. The end result is a rotating wireframe rendering of a house. The final two assignments required the use of ray tracing to render basic 3D shapes. The final results of each assignment may be accessed below.

Project 1

An assignment to create representations of basic gemotetric shapes to be rendered.

The Assignment: Assignment 1
The Source: (4kb)

Project 2

An assignment to implement translation, scale, and rotation transformations. Transforms some basic shapes.

The Assignment: Assignment 2
The Source: (5kb)

Project 3

An assignment to implement the loading of geometric data (vertices and edges) from a file. Renders a rotating wireframe house.

The Assignment: Assignment 3
The Source: (8kb)

Project 4

An assignment to implement perspective projection viewed with a camera. Renders the wireframe house with perspective projection.

The Assignment: Assignment 4
The Source: (10kb)

Project 5

An assignment to implement basic ray tracing with spheres.

The Assignment: Assignment 5
The Source: (6kb)

Project 6

An assignment to implement ray tracing with advanced lighting of spheres and planes. Includes multiple colored light sources.

The Assignment: Assignment 6
The Source: (10kb)