CSCI 219 - Computer Graphics II


Computer Graphics II is a course that I took as a senior undergraduate at The George Washington University during the Spring 1999 semester. The course focused on the implementation of a simple software based 3D rendering package from scratch. The rendering software was developed in four phases to implement scan conversion, lighting, and texture mapping. My final project added some advanced lighting techniques and shadows. The results of the assignments and the C++ source code for the final version of the software based rendering package can be found below.

Project 1

The implementation of a simple scan converter with z-buffering.

The Assignment: Assignment 1

Project 2

Addition of an illumination model with flat, Gourard, and Phong shading.

The Assignment: Assignment 2

Project 3

Addition of texture mapping.

The Assignment: Assignment 3

Final Project

Extension of the Lighting Model to include attenuation, the Warn Lighting Model, Spot Lights, Barn Doors, and Shadows.

The Assignment: Final Project

The C++ Source Code

The Rendering Package Source: (42kb)