CSCI 264 - Design of Human-Computer Interface


Design of Human-Computer Interface is a course that I took as a graduate student at The George Washington University during the Spring 2007 semester. The course explored techniques for the effective design and evaluation of human-computer interfaces.  A project was developed throughout the duration of the course, starting with the design and implementation of an application with a graphical user interface (GUI) to be subjected to usability testing by volunteer software testers.  The documentation and C++ source code for the project can be found below.


A 3D scene editing program was developed using the C++ programming language with the OpenSceneGraph 3D graphics toolkit and the FOX GUI toolkit.  The program allows the user to load files containing scene graph data for visualizing and editing the scene graph structure.  

Design Document: cs264_finaldesign.pdf (293KB)
User Guide: cs264_userguide.pdf (118KB)
Annotated Test Scenario:
cs264_testscenario.pdf (198KB)
Source Code: (29KB)
Windows Executable: (3.9MB)

Screen Shots