CSCI 300 - Thesis Research

Thesis Research

I completed a Master's Thesis as a graduate student at The George Washington University during the Spring 2008 semester.  The Master's Thesis was optional, and I did not decide to pursue the thesis option until late into the graduate program after working on a domain specific language project in a class about Security and Programming. The concepts defined by the original project seemed worth exploring further, and the experience to be had researching and writing a thesis seemed beneficial. 

Thesis Topic

My Master's Thesis, entitled Design of an Object-Oriented Framework for Data Format Classification and Transformation, was both a continuation and reduction of the domain specific language project previously mentioned. The scope of the project was reduced from that of a secure, distributed programming language to a C++ framework for classifying and transforming data within data streams, exploiting data parallelism through application of modern parallel programming techniques to take advantage of the emerging multi-core processor market. The intent was to provide a data processing back-end for the domain specific language, development of which would continue into the future.

Provided below is the complete thesis document, along with a hastily assembled summary presentation and the framework source code.  The source code is currently Linux only. Windows support was designed into the project and continued development should produce a fully working Windows version of the software.

Master's Thesis: GravesThesis.pdf (534KB)
Summary Presentation: ThesisPresentation.pdf (132KB)
Framework Source Code: phylum.tar.gz (63KB)