FXNetworkDialogEX 1.0.1

FXNetworkDialogEX version 1.0.1, Copyright © 2001 Dustin Graves <dgraves@computer.org>
FXNetworkDialogEX comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. This is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it under certain conditions; see the GNU LGPL for details.



The FXNetworkDialogEX package contains a set of classes intended to extend the capabilites of the WIN32 portion of the FOX library to add the capability of browsing and selecting items from the Windows Network Neighborhood. Because working with the Windows Network Neighborhood is specific to the WIN32 platform, this package is only intended to be used with the Windows version of the FOX GUI Toolkit.



FXNetworkDialogEX is free software distributed under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License.

Name Date Size
FXNetworkDialogEX 1.0.1: FXNetworkDialogEx-1.0.1.zip 9 Dec 2001 25KB



The FXNetworkDialogEX component consists of three classes:

  • The FXNetworkListEx class - a FXTreeList style list widget that is capable of displaying the contents of the Windows Network Neighborhood (My Network Places)
  • The FXNetworkSelectorEx class - a widget that extends the functionality of FXNetworkListEx to include computer/share selection capabilites.
  • The FXNetworkDialogEx class - a widget to display FXNetworkSelectorEx in a dialog window.

Each class may be used individually.


Here is a screen shot of FXNetworkDialogEx in action:

FXNetworkDialogEX is Copyright © 2001 Dustin Graves <dgraves@computer.org>

This software uses the FOX Platform Independent GUI Toolkit Library. The FOX Library is Copyright © 1997,2000-2003 Jeroen van der Zijp and is available freely under the GNU Lesser General Public License at the following site: