OpenEXR 1.0.4 for Windows Patches

NOTE: These patches were made for the initial OpenEXR release (v 1.0.4), which did not provide support for the Microsoft Windows operating system. The official OpenEXR distribution now supports Microsoft Windows, making these patches unnecessary. The current OpenEXR distribution can be obtained here.

Patches to add support for Visual Studio 6 and Intel Compiler 5.0 to OpenEXR 1.0.4.



Name Date Size
Patch files: 24 Jan 2003 3.2KB
Visual Studio 6.0 Project Files for OpenEXR: 24 Jan 2003 16KB



  • Unzip in the top level directory of OpenEXR source distribution.  
  • Intel compiler 5.0 or greater is currently required when working with Visual C++.  
  • zlib and FLTK are required by IlmImf and exrdisplay. It may be necessary to modify the project settings for both of those projects, to provide the appropriate locations of the zlib and FLTK libraries and headers.