waverecord 0.1 - A Reliable Audio Archiving Utility

waverecord version 0.1, Copyright © 2001 Dustin Graves <dgraves@computer.org>
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waverecord is a simple command line application for Microsoft Windows, designed to reliably record audio data over extended periods of time. Current features:

  • Stores recorded audio data directly to disk, not RAM. Audio recording file sizes are bound by hard drive size, not RAM size.
  • Runs at real-time priority with a dedicated thread for reading data from the audio recording device. The reader thread is assigned critical priority to ensure that the audio device's buffer is never full, preventing "gaps" in the audio recording due to loss of data.
  • Employs an event driven data processing model which minimizes usage of the CPU.

waverecord 0.1 records audio as linear PCM data with a sample rate of 8khz, a sample size of 8 bits, and two channels (stereo). This generates 16,000 bytes of data per second. The data format settings can be easily modified in the waverecord 0.1 source by substituting these values, specified at the beginning of the file, with different ones.



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Source: waverecord-0.1.zip 21 Apr 2001 7KB


waverecord is Copyright © 2001 Dustin Graves <dgraves@computer.org>