Fixing a Flip UltraHD that won't charge its battery

About a year ago I received a Flip UltraHD 2nd Generation camcorder (the one with the rechargeable battery) as a gift.  I made little use of it at first, and it wasn't until I took it with me on a trip to New Zealand at the end of the summer that the battery fully discharged for the first time.  I connected the camcorder to my laptop to allow it to recharge, but the display showed the "Connected" screen instead of the "Charging" screen and the red charge indicator light never came on.  My Flip wasn't charging its battery. Read more about Fixing a Flip UltraHD that won't charge its battery


CSCI 339 - Embedded Systems


Embedded Systems is a special topics course that I took as a graduate student at The George Washington University during the Spring 2006 semester. The course focused on the design of software for embedded systems. Labs and projects for the course done with the Zilog Z8 Encore! microcontroller. The two main assignments for the course were a presentation and a large scale project. For the presentation I created an IrDA flash loader for the Z8 encore. The final project was an award winning Internet-ready Refrigerator Inventory Control System. Read more about CSCI 339 - Embedded Systems



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