This section contains projects completed while studying as both an undergraduate and graduate student at The George Washington University.


CSCI 164 - Senior Design

A year long course requiring the design, documentation, and implementation of a large-scale project.

  • Project - The final project from the senior design course - an internet conferencing system with whiteboard, chat, and file exchange


CSCI 185 - Computer Graphics I

An introduction to 3D graphics programming.


CSCI 219 - Computer Graphics II

Advanced 3D graphics programming requiring the implementation of a software based 3D rendering package from scratch.


CSCI 339 - Embedded Systems

A special topics course focusing on design and development of embedded systems and the software to control them.


CSCI 191 - Computer Game Design

Design of 3D computer game software.


CSCI 266 - Computer Animation

Programming for 3D computer animation.

  • Project 1 - Basic animation of 3D shapes
  • Project 2 - Walking with forward kinematics
  • Final Project - Walking up stairs and over an incline with inverse and forward kinematics


CSCI 264 - Design of Human-Computer Interface

Designing user interfaces for testing with human subjects.

  • Project - Design and implementation of a 3D scene editor to be subject to usability testing


CSCI 342 - Security and Programming

A survey course reviewing methods for enforcing program security at the programming language level.

  • Project 1 - Creating a tool to check for the use of uninitialized variables in C source code
  • Final Project - Design of a domain specific programming language to process and transform data streams within a secure distributed environment
  • Continued Research - Continued domain specific language development following course completion


CSCI 300 - Thesis Research

Two part course for researching a thesis topic and writing a thesis document.

  • Thesis - Design of an Object-Oriented Framework for Data Format Classification and Transformation