CSCI 191 - Computer Game Design


Computer Game Design is a course that I took as a graduate student at The George Washington University during the Fall 2006 semester. The course focused on the design of simple computer games with a final project requiring the creation of a simple 3D computer game. The results and source for the assignments can be found below.

Final Project

An epic struggle between two of natures most ferocious enemies, the Pirate and the Ninja. The game was created with the Ogre3D graphics engine, OpenAL, and OgreAL to adapt OpenAL to Ogre. The story for the game is based on the humor of this web site. The OpenAL redistributable package must be installed for the game to operate properly. The concept document, final design document, and game are available for download.

Concept Document: NVP_Concept.pdf (49kb)
Design Document: NVP_GameDesign.pdf (1.08MB)

OpenAL redistributable package: OpenALwEAX.exe (732kb) - Install this first
The Game: (36.96MB) - Extract, navigate to 'bin/release', and execute nvp.exe


Screen Shots

Enter the Ninja


Kicking it in The Dojo


Mission Briefing


The Klaxxon sounds


The Pursuit




Finish Him


Assault on The Dojo


Defense of The Dojo


The Capture


The End