Electronics Projects


Projects for the Arduino microcontroller development environment and AVR family of microcontrollers.  Source code and schematics documenting each project are freely available for you to use to build your version of the project.

Ringtone Jukebox

Ringtone Jukebox - Created February 2011

Play RTTTL formatted ringtones with the Arduino.  Contains 16 preprogrammed ringtones, with capacity for storing a custom ringtone.  A Processing based ringtone visualizer draws colors, determined by note characteristics received through the serial device, as the ringtone is played.

3D Map Control

3D Map Control - Created April 2011

Use the Wii Nunchuk to control Google Earth in a web browser. Nunchuk state information transmitted from an Arduino to a computer is made available through a simple web service, provided by a simple Processing/Java based web server. JavaScript code to control the Google Earth web browser plug-in is included.

Mailbox Monitor

Mailbox Monitor - Created April 2011

Detect the presence of "snail mail" within an old-fashioned mailbox. The presence of objects placed between an IR emitter and detector is detected by a program running on an Arduino board and reported to a computer responsible for posting a notification. Communication between Arudino board and computer is performed through an RF modem, such as an XBee.

Easy Program Launcher: Circuit Test

Easy Program Launcher - Created June 2011

Use the Teensy USB to emulate a keyboard and send key commands to a personal computer that cause an application to be launched.  Designed to be embedded within an Easy Button from Staples, the key commands are sent when the Easy Button is pressed.  Works with both Windows and Linux operating systems.  Based on the AWESOME Button by Matt Richardson.



Projects for the Zilog Z8 Encore! and ZNEO family of microcontrollers.

Pico-IrDA for Zilog Z8 Encore! XP

Pico-IrDA for Zilog Z8 Encore! XP - Created March 2006

Port of BlauLogic's minimalistic IrDA stack for microcontrollers, version 1.0, to the Zilog Z8 Encore! XP microcontroller platform.