Software Projects


Open source software for mobile devices.

Name Last Update Description
DialTones 12 Dec 2010 Android application for dialing landlines with an Android device



Open source software applications.

Name Last Update Description
fxcalc 11 Dec 2010 Scientific calculator for UNIX/Linux and Windows, developed with the FOX toolkit
fxcd 11 Dec 2010 CD player with freedb capability for UNIX/Linux and Windows, developed with the FOX toolkit
medisen 21 Apr 2001 Windows 2000 media sensing manager, to disable/enable network media sensing functionality



Open source software libraries.

Name Last Update Description
libcdlyte 11 Dec 2010 Cross platform C library for playing CDs and retrieving CD info from freedb



C++ classes.

Name Last Update Description
FXNetworkDialogEX 9 Dec 2001 A widget for browsing the Windows network neighborhood with the FOX GUI Toolkit



Miscellaneous code, scripts, and utilites. Mostly outdated and/or unmaintained software.

Name Last Update Description
AudioOrganizer 5 Nov 2004 Ruby program to organize audio files downloaded from the eMusic digital music service
mamfox 15 Sep 2000 FOX plugin for the defunct MAM/VRS
OpenEXR patches 24 Jan 2003 Patches for compiling OpenEXR 1.0.4 with Visual Studio 6 and Intel Compiler 5.0 (Done prior to addition of official Windows support to OpenEXR - OpenEXR now supports Windows)
waverecord 21 Apr 2001 Simple command line audio archiving utility for Windows