Teensy USB Development Board

The Making of an Easy Program Launcher Button

After watching Matt Richardson's AWESOME Button project video, where he embeds a microcontroller within a Staples Easy Button to create a special purpose keyboard, I was inspired to make a similar item to present as a gift to a user of the software that I develop professionally.  This user had requested that we create an "Easy Mode" for our software to group all of the features commonly used by his organization into a simple and easy to use graphical user interface component.  Since the "Easy Mode" concept was inspired by the Easy Button campaign from Staples, I thought an Easy Button would be perfect for launching the software in the "Easy Mode."   Read more about The Making of an Easy Program Launcher Button


Easy Program Launcher

The Easy Program Launcher is a project for the Teensy USB Development Board.  It is based on the AWESOME Button by Matt Richardson. Read more about Easy Program Launcher

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