DialTones 1.0

DialTones is an Android application for dialing landlines with an Android device.  It does so by generating dual-tone multi-frequency (DTMF) signals for phone numbers found in the device's contact list.

DialTones is open-source software made available with the MIT License and is copyright (c) 2010 Dustin Graves.


Simply select a phone number to dial from the application's contact list, then hold the Android device's external speaker to the microphone of a landline telephone handset and tap the screen.


The application is not guaranteed to work with all landline telephones. Many business telephone systems are digital and cannot be dialed with analog DTMF signals. Successful dialing may also depend on the audio generation capability of the Android device used to generate the tones.



Name Date Size
Current Source: DialTones-1.0.zip 12 Dec 2010 42KB
Android Package File: DialTones.apk 12 Dec 2010 28KB


Source Repository

A public Mercurial repository containing the source code is available at Bitbucket: DialTones repository.



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DialTones Dialing ActivityDialTones Dialing Screen