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New Electronics Project: 3D Map Control for Arduino

The 3D Map Control project lets you control the Google Earth web browser plug-in with a Wii Nunchuk connected to an Arduino development board.  A photograph and a video demonstration of the 3D Map Control project, along with source code and instructions that you can use to build your own 3D Map Control, are available here.


3D Map Control

3D Map Control is a project for the Arduino Development Environment that uses the Arduino development board to read, decode, and transmit data received from the Wii Nunchuk to a computer.  A simple Processing/Java application running on the computer reads the Wii Nunchuk data from the Arduino development board and makes it available to any modern web browser through a simple web service.

Bundling GPS Tracks and Geographically Located Photos in KML

Recently I described my effort to add GPS data recorded during a road trip and a canoe trip to Google Maps.  I had written some JavaScript to import my data into a map, with a few options for customization, but felt that there was more that could be done with the data from the canoe trip.  I had a number of photographs from the trip and a desire to map them, along with the GPS data, at the positions at which they were taken.  Although the photographs did not contain any meta-data providing the GPS coordinates for the location at which they were taken, they did contain meta-data indicating the time at which they were taken.  Since I had a GPX file full of time associated geographic positions, I decided to fuse the two together.  

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