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Embedding Picasa Web Albums with JavaScript

Over the weekend I moved the majority of the photographs from my photo albums stored with my hosting provider to Picasa Web Albums.  My original plan was to use Picasa's "paste HTML to embed in website" feature to link to the albums from my site, but a quick search of the internet turned up some simple JavaScript code demonstrating the ease with which Picasa Web Albums could be fully integrated with an external website. Read more about Embedding Picasa Web Albums with JavaScript


New Electronics Project: 3D Map Control for Arduino

The 3D Map Control project lets you control the Google Earth web browser plug-in with a Wii Nunchuk connected to an Arduino development board.  A photograph and a video demonstration of the 3D Map Control project, along with source code and instructions that you can use to build your own 3D Map Control, are available here. Read more about New Electronics Project: 3D Map Control for Arduino


3D Map Control

3D Map Control is a project for the Arduino Development Environment that uses the Arduino development board to read, decode, and transmit data received from the Wii Nunchuk to a computer.  A simple Processing/Java application running on the computer reads the Wii Nunchuk data from the Arduino development board and makes it available to any modern web browser through a simple web service. Read more about 3D Map Control

You've got mail-ware!

Early Wednesday morning I received three nearly identical e-mails.  Each had the appearance of SPAM, but not your typical SPAM.  In place of the usual advertisement composed of bad spelling and poor grammar was a well written message crafted to look like an invoice and accompanied by an HTML attachment.  Inspecting the contents of the attachments revealed that each contained identical JavaScript code, which was clearly malicious.  The JavaScript had an appearance similar to that of obfuscated shellcode, with a string of hex values being unescaped and written to the HTML document: Read more about You've got mail-ware!


Putting GPS Tracks into Google Maps

After watching a recent episode of Hak5, which showcased Google Maps GPS Mashups, I was inspired to finally do something with some of my own GPS data.  I had GPS data from a canoe trip taken last year and a road trip from a few years ago stored on my handheld GPS with which I had always planned to do something, but just hadn’t had the motivation until now.  While a little simpler than the project described on the show, my initial goal was to draw the GPS track data in Google Maps annotated with waypoints drawn as map markers.  The markers would be used to mark specific locations with descriptive text and images. 

Read more about Putting GPS Tracks into Google Maps

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