AudioOrganizer is a simple script for the Ruby programming language, written to organize audio files downloaded from the eMusic digital music service.  Collections of files with names matching the eMusic file naming convention, artist-album-track number-track name.mp3, are reorganized into a hierarchical folder/file structure, artist/album/track number-track name.mp3.  M3U playlist files can also be generated for a file collections.  

The AudioOrganizer code has been placed in the public domain. Read more about AudioOrganizer


OpenEXR 1.0.4 for Windows Patches

NOTE: These patches were made for the initial OpenEXR release (v 1.0.4), which did not provide support for the Microsoft Windows operating system. The official OpenEXR distribution now supports Microsoft Windows, making these patches unnecessary. The current OpenEXR distribution can be obtained here.

Patches to add support for Visual Studio 6 and Intel Compiler 5.0 to OpenEXR 1.0.4.

  Read more about OpenEXR 1.0.4 for Windows Patches



waverecord 0.1 - A Reliable Audio Archiving Utility

waverecord version 0.1, Copyright © 2001 Dustin Graves <dgraves@computer.org>
waverecord comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. 



waverecord is a simple command line application for Microsoft Windows, designed to reliably record audio data over extended periods of time. Current features: Read more about waverecord



mamfox 0.9.2 - FOX plug-in for MAM/VRS

mamfox version 0.9.2, Copyright © 2000 Dustin Graves <dgraves@computer.org>
mamfox comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. This is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it under certain conditions; see the GNU LGPL for details.

MAM/VRS is no longer under development. It is now the VRS 3D project. Read more about mamfox

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